Money Matters
for Teens & Young Adults

It’s important to understand how budgets work, how credit works, about the difference between
debit & credit cards, how interest works, how to balance a checkbook and more.
Whether you are a teen with your first part time job, applying for your first car loan,
financing your education or buying your first home, we can help.

Great tool for teens and young adults
*Select a career & select spending ranges for housing, entertainment, food, etc.
*Gives a great indication of what it takes to afford the lifestyle you’d like to have

*Access to online Financial Fitness Fair.
Use code GRDNR to participate

Fun & interactive content designed for ages 13 – 17
*FREE gift with opening of CU Succeed Account
*Teen must be present to receive gift.  Maintaining a minimum $10 balance required

*Access to “Claim Your Youth” interactive website.

Teens Teaching Teens
*Teen tycoons who’ve already created businesses
*Teens who are savings savvy
Check out biz KID$ and learn from your peers.

free4ME Checking Accounts were designed for young adults, ages 18 – 25

*FREE Debit/Check Card  *FREE Online Banking  *FREE E-Statements
*NO Minimum Balance  *Oops Refunds
(Oops refund: Reverse service charges for overdrafts, up to twice a year)

Money Management Tips For All Ages!

Financial tools, games & resources, for everyone, from toddlers to retirement,
first accounts, to first car loans, to first home loans.