CU Promise—Home Loans for Maine

We believe you should be able to count on your home loan and the people who offer it. That’s why the CU Promise Loan has three important guarantees:

  • Guaranteed Same-Day Loan Decision.
  • Guaranteed Closing Date.
  • Guaranteed Local Servicing.

The CU Promise loan is offered by CUSO Mortgage Corp. CUSO is a licensed mortgage company owned by Maine credit unions. They are the fourth largest multi-owned mortgage lending credit union service organization in the country and have been originating and servicing mortgages since 1993. CUSO’s mission is to provide consumers—credit union members as well as non-members—with a full menu of competitively priced residential mortgage products and services with extraordinary courtesy and exceptional service.

To learn more about the CU Promise Loan you may call or *text 207-582-2676, during business hours, to speak with a Loan Officer or visit
*Note: Data rates may apply