Gardiner Federal Credit Union is here to help you get approved. Apply for a VISA® Credit Card today, just fill out our credit card application online.
  • 9.90% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)**.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • $200 Daily ATM Withdrawal.
  • $15,000 Limit.

VISA® Credit Card terms & disclosures, and printable application

24/7 VISA® Account Information:
Besides Teller-Phone, VISA® Credit Card members can call 1-800-449-9732 to pay their VISA account or check their balance, their transaction history, the last payment date, the amount due and when the next payment is due.

Online Access to Your VISA® Credit Card Account

*For members who are outside of the US and your card is lost or stolen, please call 1-727-570-4849.*

**The finance charge (interest) is calculated at the periodic rate of .825% per month, which is an Annual Percentage Rate of 9.90%.