Free4ME Checking

Why bank when you can be Young & Free?
Credit Unions have something for you that banks just don’t. the Free4ME Account is the ultimate account for 18- to 25-year olds. No strict rules, no transaction requirements like other accounts. We offer perks that give you a head start. Being Young & Free in Maine has never been easier.

Fee free… plus a little forgiveness

  • Two Oops! Refunds annually* – if you overdraw in those “oops” moments, we forgive
  • Free debit card for all your purchases and withdrawals**
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum balance requirements

An account that goes everywhere with you – with more branches and ATMs than any single bank in Maine

  • Free mobile, online banking and e-statements
  • Free SURF ATM network use (no fees to withdraw your money). SURF is the LARGEST surcharge-free ATM network in Maine with over 225 locations
  • Free access to the Shared Branching Network – use any credit union branch as if it was your own – deposit checks, pay bills or withdraw cash. There are shared branches wherever you go… over 155 in Maine and 5,000 across the country

Benefits that give you a head start

  • $10 gift card for new accounts***
  • Young & Free Loans: Tired of living in the basement or using Dad’s car? Need your own credit card? We’ll help prepare you for your first car loan or any major life event – come in and talk “Young & Free” with one of our loan or member service representatives. Credit unions are known for lower loan rates and less fees compared to banks.
  • The best online location to find tips, tricks and fun things to do –, a mobile website that supports your style of living. Lauren Reeves, our Young & Free Spokester is your advocate for your generation. Through social media, she is there to connect with 18- to 25-year olds around Maine on what is important to you and your friends.

* Annually is defined as January to December in a given calendar year.
** Checks are available upon request at most credit unions.
***The product features and rewards of the free4ME Checking Account may differ from credit union to credit union. Please check availability with your credit union on the gift card.