Putting on Pandemic Pounds? Count Your Blessings!

We have all heard of the Covid-15. It refers to the average of 15 pounds many of us have put on, during the pandemic. Some of us have turned to comfort eating or have been snacking out of boredom. Some may have been doing both. An over-achiever by nature, I have put on 17 pounds.… Read more »

How are you doing? Let’s reconnect!

I am not here to give you financial advice today. I am simply going to ask you, how are you really doing? For years, a greeting like “Hey, how’s it going” or “Hello, how are you?” were typical greetings. They were often said flippantly, out of habit, and did anyone really expect to hear how… Read more »

Staying Connected While Practicing Social Distance

Social distancing is hard, but even when kept apart, we are in this together! Thanks to this Coronavirus, Covid-19, we are all encouraged to keep our distance from one another, to prevent spreading it. I understand why that is so important, however it is hard to do. We miss our members, visiting us in the… Read more »

New Year, New Goals? There’s an App for That!

Do you still make New Year’s resolutions? Whether we declare we have made a resolution or not, it is natural to think new year, new slate, new chance to be a better version of ourselves. According to different internet reports, researchers claim that between 40 – 60% of us still make New Year’s resolutions, but… Read more »

Avoid Holiday Overspending

Avoid holiday overspending and enjoy the season instead. So many of us worry about finances year ‘round. When the pressure to buy holiday gifts is added to the mix, you may find yourself having a money melt down. It is a little late to “plan ahead” for this year, so here are a few handy… Read more »

Be a Local Hero!

We’ve all seen the commercials about buying local. We know it is beneficial to our independent business owners, but in this day and age, where we can click a few buttons on our computer or phone and have anything we want delivered to our doorsteps, sometimes convenience wins out. Please, take a moment to unplug… Read more »

Back to School Budgeting

Involving students, in back to school budgeting, teaches valuable life lessons. Back to school shopping can be a teachable moment, when it comes to your children’s (or grandchildren’s) financial education. When I teach financial education, in our area schools, I talk to the students about putting needs before wants, not spending what you don’t have… Read more »

Am I Being Scammed?

If you are like most of us, it happens all the time! Calls from telemarketers, scammers, and who knows who else, are constant. If you still have a land line and answering machine, you can screen your calls and decide whether to pick up, after you hear who is calling. On your cell phone, it… Read more »

Staycation Savings

Enjoy your Staycation! We live in Vacationland, so why not make your next vacation a staycation? People flock from all over the country, and beyond, to enjoy the wonders of our state, year ‘round. If you have not experienced all your great state has to offer, consider spending your vacation time and vacation dollars here… Read more »

Saving for a Rainy Day

Saving for a Rainy Day Ideally, we all have something stashed away, for emergencies. A minimum of three to six months of budgeted living expenses, is suggested. Not always easy to do, given the number of people living paycheck to paycheck. Finding a way to save, may save you from financial hardship in the future,… Read more »