How are you doing? Let’s reconnect!

I am not here to give you financial advice today. I am simply going to ask you, how are you really doing? For years, a greeting like “Hey, how’s it going” or “Hello, how are you?” were typical greetings. They were often said flippantly, out of habit, and did anyone really expect to hear how the other was doing? A simple, “Good, and you…” was the norm. I believe this has changed. I know it has changed for me.

Between the coronavirus, the feelings of isolation and uncertainty, demonstrations that get out of hand, politics, etc., every single one of us has been affected. Some have lost jobs, others their businesses. Some have lost loved ones or are missing them terribly. Others have very strong opinions about things going on in our country. I guess what I am saying here is absolutely every person is dealing with something. Some more than others. Showing consideration for others has never been more important.

So, how are you doing? Really!

Every one of us deserves to feel that someone cares about us, to be asked that simple question, to be listened to (without judgement). If you’re doing the asking, let that friend or family member let it all out. This is especially important now. We can’t all be together, but we can be there for one another. A simple telephone call is all it takes. That’s right, a CALL, not a text. For someone feeling isolated, hearing another’s voice makes them feel so much more connected than a quick text message.

If one positive thing comes out of this, it is that more people are actually talking to one another. Different studies and communications sources claim that phone calls are being made in record numbers, as we want to hear the voices of our friends, family and coworkers. It makes us feel more connected.  And when we are together, we are paying more attention to one another, rather than gluing ourselves to our phone screens.

Maybe you feel you could use a call. Don’t forget that the phone works both ways. It places outgoing calls, as well as receiving them. Don’t wait for others to call you, when you can make that call. Do you know someone who could use a “How are you doing?” phone call. Is there someone you miss and would like to connect with? What are you waiting for? Make those calls. Let’s reconnect.

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