Putting on Pandemic Pounds? Count Your Blessings!

We have all heard of the Covid-15. It refers to the average of 15 pounds many of us have put on, during the pandemic. Some of us have turned to comfort eating or have been snacking out of boredom. Some may have been doing both. An over-achiever by nature, I have put on 17 pounds. As a big gal, I could not really afford those pounds and am now trying to shake them off, beginning with longer dog walks and far fewer trips to the kitchen.

What of those who don’t have snacks available and who are not even sure they have enough groceries to feed themselves, and possibly their families, for the week? You may be surprised at how many people you know are struggling with food insecurities. More and more people are turning to assistance from their local food pantries. Prices have risen on groceries and many staple items. Those with “fixed incomes” and those who have lost employment, are sometimes going without meals, or are having meager meals that fail to provide needed nourishment. Those who have always paid their own way are finding themselves in line to get assistance, from local food pantries. It is up to those of us who can, to help fill those food pantry shelves, so there is enough to help everyone looking for help.

Donating non-perishable food and hygiene items, to your local food pantry is one way to help. Making a direct cash donation (check or funds transfer also work) for Ending Hunger, at your local Credit Union, is also a great way to help. All of Maine’s Credit Unions support the statewide effort for Ending Hunger. When you make a donation or support an Ending Hunger fundraiser, at your local Credit Union, those funds directly benefit families in your area. With the buying power of the food pantries, every dollar donated can actually purchase and provide up to $8 in food for area families. At Gardiner FCU, we just wrapped up our cash calendar fundraiser for Ending Hunger, but we always accept donations for the cause.

When I get frustrated by my personal pandemic pounds, I remind myself to feel blessed that I am not among those wondering where their next meal will come from. I am blessed to know my son and my grandchild are not going hungry. That is why I work tirelessly to help raise funds for Ending Hunger and support every fundraiser we do. If you can count yourself among those fortunate enough to have plenty, please consider donating to the Campaign for Ending Hunger. Checks or cash donations can be left in our night drop box anytime, with a note that the funds are for Ending Huger. We also accept donations at our drive-up, or in our lobby, during business hours. Every dollar helps. See our website GARDINERFCU.ORG, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, to follow our fundraisers. Thank you for your support.

Pictured at top: Faith Food Pantry Volunteers: Anita Johnson & Esther Metzler
Belly photo: No one we know.

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