New Year, New Goals? There’s an App for That!

Do you still make New Year’s resolutions?

Whether we declare we have made a resolution or not, it is natural to think new year, new slate, new chance to be a better version of ourselves. According to different internet reports, researchers claim that between 40 – 60% of us still make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% of us are successful achieving them. I used to be one of those who declared my resolutions, but quickly fell flat. So, one year I resolved to no longer make New Year’s resolutions and I have been very successful at keeping that one. However, now with so many free & very helpful apps available to keep on track to reach our goals, I feel more hopeful and just may have to break that old resolution and set up some new ones.

The majority of resolutions made have to do with personal health, with financial health a close second. Improving one, or both, can provide many benefits. They are sure to relieve stress and improve our quality of life. And naturally if you improve your personal health and live longer, you will want to improve your financial health, so you have the necessary funds to enjoy your later years.

Parade Magazine recently ran a great article, entitled “10 Most Popular Resolutions (with apps to help you achieve them)”. All but one of the ten apps listed are free. The other is a whopping 99 cents. Let’s face it, if financial fitness is right up there with personal fitness, having free and nearly-free apps is a great way to go.

I have checked out the ratings on the apps listed. For consistency, I pulled up the Apple ratings, and most scored a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. I also tried a couple of the apps and have to say, well done on the selections. As mentioned earlier, they mainly deal with personal health or improving your finances. There is also one for finding a new job, one to help stop procrastinating and one for couples to improve their relationships. Are you trying to stop smoking or need help putting your cell phone down? There are apps for that too. However you look at it, they are all about improving yourself and your life. And who among us couldn’t use a little self-improvement.

I hope you find the Parade article and links as interesting and helpful as I did. If any one of these apps helps any one of our members or readers, that’s a wonderful thing. If any of this helps you, I’d love to hear about it.

Link to Parade Magazine’s 2020 “10 Most Popular Resolutions (with apps to help you achieve them)”


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