Denial of Service

It is the policy of Gardiner Federal Credit Union to offer its services to those members who have not caused the credit union a financial loss, harassment, or otherwise abused the rights, privileges, and benefits of credit union membership. Pursuant to this policy, no member of Gardiner Federal Credit Union will be eligible for financial services provided by this credit union if that member has willfully, or otherwise, caused the credit union to suffer a financial loss that the member was lawfully obligated to pay, or demonstrated harassing behavior. This policy is not enacted to restrict the rights of the membership, but rather to address certain unacceptable conduct in order to assure the rights and protection of the Credit Union employees and property.

All members are entitled to maintain one regular share account at the Credit Union and are eligible to vote at the annual and special meetings of the members. Members do not have absolute rights to access any other Credit Union products or services or Credit Union facilities. All such access may be denied or limited at the discretion of the Credit Union in accordance with this policy.

A member in good standing is a member who:

Maintains at least the minimum share balance, as defined in the Credit Union’s bylaws;
Has not had any account with the Credit Union closed due to improper behavior;
Has not caused a loss to the Credit Union;
Has not engaged in violent, belligerent, disruptive, or abusive activities such as:
• Violence, intimidation, threats, harassment, or physical or verbal abuse of duly elected or appointed volunteers or employees of the Credit Union, or members of the Credit Union. This includes actions while on Credit Union premises and through the use of telephone, mail, email, or other electronic methods;
• Has not caused or threatened damage to Credit Union property;
• Has not used or accessed Credit Union property when not authorized to do so;
• Has not knowingly disseminated incorrect, misleading, confidential, or proprietary information regarding the Credit Union; or
• Has not engaged in any activity that may cause material risk or harm to the Credit Union.

The Credit Union may deny or limit services for any member who is not in good standing. Services will be limited according to the activity that results in the loss of good standing status. For example, if a member is verbally or physically abusive to a Credit Union employee or other members, the Credit Union may refuse to permit the member onto the Credit Union premises and/or may further restrict the availability of certain services to limit personal contact with Credit Union employees or members.

A member will be deemed to have caused the Credit Union a loss when a loan to the member is in default under the terms of the loan documents.

Upon default, the Credit Union will generally suspend all of the member’s ATM, debit card and available line of credit privileges immediately, so as to protect the Credit Union from further exposure to loss. If the member has filed for bankruptcy, the member’s attorney will be notified of these actions by the Credit Union’s attorney.

In the event that the member cures the default, the Credit Union will reinstate the member’s privileges.

The Credit Union will notify a member if the Credit Union has determined that services are to be denied or limited for that member. The notice will include the reason(s) for the denial or limitation, the applicable services and the actions required by the member to have services restored.

Credit Union management will periodically determine whether a member who is not in good standing should be considered for expulsion from membership. A member who has caused the Credit Union a loss, but has indicated to the Credit Union an intent to repay that loss in a manner that is acceptable to the Credit Union (at the discretion of management), and who is in fact following through with repayment arrangements, will not be subject to expulsion solely upon those grounds.

The Credit Union will notify those members who are not in good standing in the event they are being considered for expulsion and the reasons for such consideration. The Credit Union will provide such members with the opportunity to be heard in connection with this consideration.

The Credit Union President/CEO will provide the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee with a list of members who, after having been notified of their proposed expulsion, have failed to respond.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors will call a special meeting of the membership for the purpose of considering expulsion. After the member has been given the opportunity to be heard at the special meeting, expulsion will be voted on by the membership. The member will be expelled in the event of a vote in favor of expulsion by a two-thirds of the members who are present at the meeting.

A member who has failed to vote in annual Credit Union elections or failed to purchase shares from, obtain a loan from, or lend to the Credit Union for a period of not less than three (3) years may be deemed to be non-participatory by the Credit Union’s Board of Directors and expelled from membership.

Expelled members shall continue to be liable to the Credit Union for any outstanding amounts owed to the Credit Union.