Denial of Service

It is the policy of Gardiner Federal Credit Union to offer its services to those members who have not caused the credit union a financial loss, harassment, or otherwise abused the rights, privileges, and benefits of credit union membership. Pursuant to this policy, no member of Gardiner Federal Credit Union will be eligible for financial services provided by this credit union if that member has willfully, or otherwise, caused the credit union to suffer a financial loss that the member was lawfully obligated to pay, or demonstrated harassing behavior. This policy is not enacted to restrict the rights of the membership, but rather to address certain unacceptable conduct in order to assure the rights and protection of the Credit Union employees and property.

  • Financial services are defined as any services provided by this credit union through the ordinary course of business, including, but not limited to:
  • Entering Credit Union property
  • Consumer and mortgage loans of any type;
  • Checking account and related services;
  • Debit/ATM cards;
  • Any and all deposit products other than the standard share account, such as certificates and IRAs; and
  • Cashier’s checks, safe deposit boxes, or any other financial account.

Any member who is otherwise ineligible to receive any financial services made available by this credit union, may maintain a regular share membership account, limited to cash deposits and cash withdrawals and is eligible to vote in any election and attend annual meetings. That member’s services are also limited to cash deposits and cash withdrawals from the regular share account.

Expulsion of Members

It is the policy of Gardiner Federal Credit Union to remove from membership those members who have caused a loss or become disruptive to the safe operations of the Credit Union. The Credit Union reserves the rights to expel a member for cause upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Actions by members constituting cause include

  1. causing a loss to the Credit Union;
  2. a violation of the membership agreement or any policy or procedure adopted by the Board; or
  3. inappropriate behavior such as verbal or physical abuse of Credit Union staff or property of the credit union.

Any person whose membership has been terminated shall have no further rights in the Credit Union, but is not released from any obligation owed to the Credit Union.

Any person expelled by a vote of the Board of Directors may file a written appeal to the Board of Directors requesting reconsideration of the expulsion. Upon application, the expelled member may be readmitted to membership upon a vote of a majority of the Board of Directors. Prior to voting for readmission, the Board of Directors must find that the applicant remains within the Credit Union’s field of membership, and that the applicant has satisfactorily explained, addressed, or remedied the conditions which caused the expulsion from membership.