Mortgage Calculator and Amortization Table

What does this do?
This estimator performs two functions:

  1.  It will generate values for a monthly payment, the total interest paid and total payments made, over the life of a given mortgage.
  2. It will also generate an amortization table for the values entered. The calculations are for a fixed rate mortgage.

This estimator is believed to be accurate, but is only intended to generate approximate results.

Operation:Enter the Full Sale Price, Percent Down, Interest Rate, and Number of Payments.

Enter NUMBER and DECIMAL characters only. Do not enter " $ ", " , " or " % " characters. (Example: For a $100,000 home, enter 100000 or for 7.5% enter 7.5 )

Enter in US Dollars the full price of property.
Enter the percentage of down payment.
Enter the interest rate for the loan.
Enter the years to payback the loan.