Money Matters
for Teens & Young Adults

It’s important to understand how budgets work, how credit works, about the difference between
debit & credit cards, how interest works, how to balance a checkbook and more.
Whether you are a teen with your first part time job, applying for your first car loan,
financing your education or buying your first home, we can help.

Fun & interactive content designed for ages 13 – 17
*FREE gift with opening of CU Succeed Account
*Teen must be present to receive gift.  Maintaining a minimum $10 balance required
*Access to “Claim Your Youth” interactive website.

Teens Teaching Teens
*Teen tycoons who’ve already created businesses
*Teens who are savings savvy
Check out biz KID$ and learn from your peers.

free4ME Checking Accounts were designed for young adults, ages 18 – 25

*FREE Debit/Check Card  *FREE Online Banking  *FREE E-Statements
*NO Minimum Balance  *Oops Refunds
(Oops refund: Reverse service charges for overdrafts, up to twice a year)

Money Management Tips For All Ages!

Financial tools, games & resources, for everyone, from toddlers to retirement,
first accounts, to first car loans, to first home loans.