Whether you are a young adult out on your own for the first time, or you are a more seasoned adult, we’ve got tips, links & articles to help you make the most of your money.

  • If my bills are paid each month, do I really need a budget?
  • Should you buy or rent a home?  Should I buy or lease a vehicle?
  • How big should your nest egg be?
  • Do I need a will?

Once we’re able to have in-house live workshops, details and sign-ups will also be listed here.


Regardless of the age group we work with, we find two of the most important lessons to teach are:

  1. The difference between wants & needs and prioritizing our needs over our wants
  2. Not spending money you don’t have. First you earn it, then you save it, then you spend it. *Exceptions being home loans, vehicle loans, etc.

These are lessons best taught early and reiterated throughout our lives. For young children, understanding these two things can help them understand why they cannot have everything they want. Setting financial goals to work toward, early in life, helps instill these lessons. As adults, with the allure of credit cards, these lessons are often forgotten. The instant gratification of getting whatever you want today and not worrying about paying for them until later. That is how many people find themselves drowning in credit card debt. This is also why I say these are the first two things I teach to classes of all ages. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of these two truths, in order to get back on (or stay on) firm financial footing.

Links to websites, articles, presentations & worksheets, to help you with budgeting, understanding credit & credit scores, financial planning & more:

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